Zanzibar to Kenya to Home…

Since Saturday I have been in Kenya, on safari in the Masai Mara, in the Serengeti plains. (Where, incidentally, there is no internet, so sorry about the delay in updates).
The highlight of my time here was a hot air balloon ride over the park. Flying silently over zebras, elephants and giraffes was surreal and amazing. The safari as a whole has been good, and I’ve been able to see a lot of animals, including a lion eating a zebra, which was very sad but incredible to see.

Today was fantastic as well… I got to hang out with a Maasai tribe. While I was there I got to see the traditional Maasai dance, visit their school, and learn how to a start fire. (Watch out!)

Unfortunately, pictures of everything will have to wait, because this computer is ancient and doesn’t have a USB port. I’m currently back in Nairobi and waiting for my flight, which doesn’t leave until almost midnight tonight. (It’s almost 5pm now). Then, 4 long flights later, I get home on Wednesday night.